Sunday, May 1, 2011

And they're off.....

Day one of WordCount’s 2011 Blogathon has begun!  Over 160 bloggers have committed to writing a-blog-a-day for the entire month of May, and I’m one of them! 

WARNING!  I'm doing this strictly for the learning experience.  I have no editorial calendar nor understand how to do more than just make a post so if you read my blog daily, you’ll get to watch along as I stumble through and try to figure this all out! 

I apologize up front for whatever random content will be posted here because content will take a back seat to learning the technology.  I know, I know...blogs are about content first, but leave it to me to buck the system!

I do, however, envision “some” fun things for content.  I thought I might talk about some fun and/or interesting android apps I’ve found (thanks to my Facebook friends) for my fairly new HTC phone, and I’ll probably blog about our trip to Vegas coming up soon.  And you can probably count on a few rants here and there when something ticks me off.  All in all, I will try to make it interesting.  Please feel free to make any comments along the way as I understand that's a critical goal of blogging - interaction with the reader.

I’m really psyched to conquer this challenge so buckle up and welcome aboard the ride!


  1. Yay for learning the technology. That is a focus for me in Blogathon 2011, too!

  2. I am right there with you on the learning part. Right now on my blog it is all trial and error. Some days more error than anything! : )
    Good luck on the blogathon!

  3. No matter what anyone says, everyone spends the first few months of blogging stumbling along figuring things out. Ask questions and most people will be glad to help.

  4. Your post made me laugh! I loved the warning. What's so exciting is that you are doing it and having fun. This year is a lot easier for me than last year. And from last count, our numbers are growing. I'm right with you.

  5. Including my cheers to the ones sent by the ladies before me!

    Your comment on the latest post : Bad Beginnings of WordCount Blogathon host page, made me follow you on your blog because I had exactly the same thought - I committed all the mistakes stated on the post! :D

    Like you, I take it with humour and focus on my own objectives or goals why I participate: to learn, improve, and be inspired.

    If it means something, with this post, you have won a reader in me. :) It's inspiring!

    Joanna aka Paper Writer
    My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands