Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Five Of My Favorite Website/Blogs

In honor of the blogathon’s theme day regarding my five favorite “whatevers,” I chose to write about five of my favorite websites/blogs online.

Kim Komando   I first found Kim driving back from Chicago several years ago.  She hosts a radio show that airs on stations across the country.  Unfortunately, the area I live in doesn’t have a radio station that carries her show, but she has a website that provides the most easy-to-understand explanations about technology that I’ve ever read.  I also subscribe to her daily emails which offer a multitude of tech topics.  She’s got the knack of explaining technology in concise bites of information and videos that are perfect for the “I know enough about technology to be dangerous” user that I am.

The Tech Guy I became familiar with Leo Laporte back in the late 90s when he hosted a tech show, G4TechTv.  He and his cast reviewed new technology, answered viewers’ phone calls and really just made technology easier to understand.

When the station that carried the show made changes, TechTv was no more, but Leo and many of his co-hosts began airing their shows online at Twit TV 

Today Twit Live offers a couple dozen shows featuring all sorts of technology like All about Android, iPad Today, The Tech Guy Radios Show, Windows Weekly, Security Now and Mostly Photo.  Sometimes a show may be a bit over my “tech” head, but I can always find one that’s right in my wheelhouse, and I learn a lot.

Leo's Website  It simply blows my mind because it must offer every element possible in the blog/website/tech world.  It serves as what I hope my website and blog would look like some day.

Moving away from technology…..
Missouri Botanical Gardens  I like to dabble in gardening, but my gardening knowledge is about equal to my blogging knowledge – minute.  This website provides a wealth of information.
52 Cupcakes Blog    I love cupcakes!  I stumbled upon the Cupcake Queen’s (CQ) 52 cupcakes by total chance, but I like to check in with her blog often.  She and her sidekick Layla, an adorable, well-trained, white bulldog feature unusual and creative cupcakes that they make together.    Sadly though Layla passed in early April and CQ hasn’t surfaced since.  That makes me sad.  If CQ lived near me, we’d be great friends!


  1. Wow, I have never seen the Kim Komondo website and I love it! I just saw the video of San Francisco made out of toothpicks and the wildebeest migration - how can that not be interesting?

    If you like technology, you may get a kick out of Radiolab, which is a podcast describing anything from science, human stories, to technology: Just throwing it on here as another interesting website!

  2. I agree, Susan....Kim's site is awesome! I've never heard of Radiolab, but I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!

  3. What a great list of sites/blogs/places to go. And I love the Botanical Gardens. It's been a few years since we've been, but I do look forward to a return visit...

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  4. I think the common denominator in all of the websites you listed as your favorites is the fact that you can get so much information from them. That’s what makes the internet so great. It not only connects people, but it is also the quickest way to learn new things. That’s why it’s so important for websites to have strong content. The more people can learn from a website, the better. It’s not just about the design or graphics all the time, for sure.

    -- Frida Stanton

  5. Interesting, informative, and entertaining: These are the qualities that people normally look for in a website. I checked out the sites that you have mentioned above, and I myself found them fascinating. You can find there the most interesting, unique, and coolest information online. They're really perfect for those who always want to learn something new every day. :)

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