Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pure Joy!

Yesterday I was visiting blogathon participant blog, “B.I.K.E. with Jackie” and was reading her “25 Things that Bring You Joy” post.  It prompted me to write today’s blog.

I didn’t write out my "25 things" because a big grin came to my face when I thought of the first one.  Our dog, Sugar.

We bought Sugar 11 years ago for our daughter, Kelsey’s 10th birthday.  Kelsey wanted a dog, I wanted a dog, but my husband, Marco, didn’t really.  Well, as most things go around here, Marco was out-voted (sorry Marco but you know it’s true) and Sugar joined our family.

This adorable Shih-Tzu would become Kelsey’s younger sibling to tease and love and Marco’s napping buddy.  I became her caretaker.  She soon was more than a pet.  She was a valuable family member. 

During the past 11 years, Sugar has picked up a variety of nicknames.  She answers to Poochy, Poochers, Sugar-dog, pumpkin, munchie, munchkin, moo and mooie.  I have no idea where those nicknames came from, but Kelsey and I seem to come up with new ones all the time.  It’s really a wonder Sugar doesn’t have an identity crisis. 

I immediately thought of Sugar when I thought about things that “bring me joy” because nothing can replace that wagging tail and happy pup every time I walk into the door.  It doesn’t matter if I’ve been gone half a day or just ran out to get the mail, I get the same “I missed you so much and I’m so glad you’re home” reception when I walk through the door.

And “joy” comes to my mind as every morning I awake to this tiny face licking my arm or cheek (and sometimes nose).  It’s as if she were saying, “Good morning.  It’s a new day.” 

It’s unconditional love at its finest… and pure JOY!


  1. This is an adorable story (or perhaps it is because I love anything to do with dogs). How can Sugar not have an identity crisis with those sun glasses and giant pink bow?

  2. So true Susan! That photo was taken in the final days of summer break last year before Kelsey headed back to school. She was a bit bored...and Sugar, well, was looking all glammed out from her "Day at the Spa" with that gigantic bow... the sunglasses seemed appropriate! :)

  3. She's so adorable so I can completely understand how you'd feel so much joy being with Sugar. Who needs 25 things when you have one so wonderful as this Cutie Pie, right?! Thanks for mentioning my blog, by the way. I hope I can continue to inspire you to look for the joy in your life, even going beyond Sugar, this month.

  4. Cute picture. I love my pets, too.

    Keep up the great work.