Sunday, May 15, 2011

An update on the Power of Facebook

Well, as promised, I have an update.  For those who may be tuning in for the first time, visit my “The Power of Facebook” post for the story from the beginning.

The latest news is that I received a phone call yesterday from Jennifer.  Jennifer is serving as the primary contact for gifts, food and any other miscellaneous things for Olivia’s family so that Olivia’s immediate family can focus on Olivia’s treatment.

Jennifer was calling to let me know that someone from Disney called her today to verify Olivia’s address.  A letter and the this photograph of Belle in a Disney frame is being sent to Olivia. 

One of my St. Louis friends hooked me up with a very caring, sweet St. Louis couple who have a connection to Disney.  When they learned of Olivia’s story, the wife, Pat, called me for more information and said they would see what they could do as they were going to Orlando last week.  Well, they apparently knew someone and made this happen.

The phone call from Jennifer came yesterday morning ironically right after this email update on Olivia’s treatment arrived in my inbox.   

“She is feeling a little better today. Counts are very low, lowest they have been since chemotherapy began. No visitors for now. : ( We are praying her body quickly recovers.

Some have asked about dietary requirements and question why no fresh fruits & fresh vegetables. Her counts have to be at certain level (which is not often) to eat fruits & vegetables because they are not part of a low bacteria diet & her body can't fight back. Good washing can't always prevent. She can always have bananas, oranges & fruits that are protected by a peel. Hope that helps.

Her amazing OliCap arrived today. It is just perfect & Donna is one talented lady! What sweet friends made this happen. Some of her own hair is in it & she has 3 adorable caps to attach her hair too. Pictures to come.
This email comes to my inbox because I subscribed to a website where Deanna, Olivia’s mother, keeps family and friends updated on a daily basis.  The updates are heart-wrenching yet I know we all appreciate them as we worry and pray for little Olivia.

As a mother I can’t imagine what Deanna must be going through.  It makes me so very thankful that everyone in my family is healthy…something we tend to take for granted.  I know I often get caught up in the drama in my daily life that in reality is unimportant, and I often forget to just be thankful for all the blessings I have. 

A side note:  There are still two other Facebook friends of friends working on a Skype date and a phone call so I’ll keep you posted if those happen also.

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