Friday, June 29, 2012

ZAGG Porfolio update

Now that I've had more time to take my ZAGG Folio Apple iPad2 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard on the road a little more, I thought it only fair to update my previous review.

I apparently didn't have the iPad in the case properly when I wrote my first review and stated that the fit was awkward and clasp wouldn't shut properly and stay shut.  Because fits just fine and shuts and stays closed.  I don't have a problem with it at all anymore. 

I think I just wasn't sliding the iPad into the plastic grooves properly.  So...I take back my first assessment on fit (chock it up to user incompetency) and I must say, the fit is spot on.

Now, I will stand behind my original concern that when the lid snaps shut, I'm still quite worried about what the pressure of the keyboard on my iPad2 screen is doing to the screen.  Although...I only use my ZAGG case when I travel which isn't all that much so hopefully it isn't in there long enough to do any damage, but I do wonder if I used my case 24/7 if there's a possibility it could damage the iPad screen. 

I'm also pleased to report that I've yet to need to recharge the battery for my Zagg Folio Case.  The literature that came with it may be completely accurate in saying that I should only need to recharge the keyboard once or twice a year.  We'll see.  The jury is still out on that one.

Otherwise, I have nothing new to report on it.  Overall, I think it's a terrific accessory and a must have!  It literally turns my iPad into a laptop.