Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yikes! What have I done?

Panic!  That’s what I’m feeling right now.   I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted (and needed) to understand how blogging worked so what better way than to sign up for the 2011 WordCount Blogathon created by WordCount’s blogger Michelle Rafter.  You can find her blog here

By signing up, you commit to blogging once every day in May.  Seemed like a doable thing to me two weeks ago.  After all, I write daily as it is and Lord knows, I have an opinion on almost everything so why not, right?
Now that I’m a part of the blogathon’s Google group, I’m learning that there’s, well, a lot I need to learn.  Setting up my blog took quite a bit of time and it’s just a basic shell of a blog.  It certainly won’t win any design awards!  I’ve decided that for the time being my blog won’t have any gadgets or a “cool” factor because honestly, I don’t have time to figure all of that out right now.

Then came learning how to use Twitter.  I already had a Twitter account so how difficult could twitter be?  Ugh…I underestimated my knowledge yet again.  Aside from having to constantly delete my tweets and start over because I can’t seem to say what I want in 140 characters or less, I’ve also learned that you need to know how to use hasthtags and that you can do group “tweets” on TweetGrid, TweetChat or HootSuite. 

I haven’t even begun to figure out RSS feeds yet, and the fact that I’ll be on vacation four of the 30 days has my heart doing palpitations.

Panic?  That may be an understatement right now, but in about an hour I’ll join my first “Twitter chat” with my blogathon groupies in preparation for beginning the blogathon next week.  I’m hoping that by 1pm, my anxiety level will have lowered. 

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