Sunday, May 22, 2011

Seeing Vegas Through Different Eyes

We just returned from a vacation in Las Vegas. I almost despise gambling yet I've been to Vegas probably half a dozen or more times.  When a friend will find out I'm going to Vegas, I typically get asked, "But why?  You can't stand to gamble." 

While that's true, there's another draw for me to keep going back to the "Las Vegas Strip."  I'm mesmorized by the architecture and millions of dollars that are poured into the decor of these mega casinos. Here's a quick look at Vegas through a different viewpoint.

There's the structures themselves that are friggin' this one of of the Paris Casino...

Or this outside view of New York-New York!  I've never been to New York City, but this just has to capture a glimpse into it.

Here's a closer look at just the Statue of Liberty....amazing!

Or how about the bronze statue of the lion in front of MGM?  Here's some fun facts about this structure:
Largest bronze sculture in the Western hemishere
45 ft. tall- 50 ft. long on a 25 ft. pedastal
100,000 pounds of bronze
1,660 pieces of bronze welded together

Moving indoors there's the conservatory at the Bellagio!  It's simply STUNNING!  They change out the flower display and theme all the time.  This time there was a painting, about the size of a car, made completely out of flowers.

And birds, like this one, also made out of flowers.

There's the decor like the new Crystals casino and mall that has crystals hanging from the ceiling that envelope a bar and casino area. Gorgeous!

I could post a couple dozen of photos like this, but you get the idea.  It's just something you should see at least once. 

Tomorrow I'll post a few close ups of some interesting decor I found while exploring "the strip."  And if I can figure out how to download a video on You Tube, you'll get a special video treat...Vegas style!

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