Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The shower! Yep, that's one of them.

It's Theme Day at blogathon!  That means those of us who want to partake in "theme day" can write about  "My 5 favorite places to write."  That would take less than 30 seconds to explain because I "only" write sitting at a desk that faces the front window of my house.  That's pretty much it.  Oh, and on a "very" rare occasion I write on a laptop while we're out-of-town.  That doesn't happen very often. 

But "My favorite places to brainstorm article ideas or come up with leads" is a bit more interesting.  Here’s my top five!

1.    While driving. That's also the most frustrating place to brainstorm because it's very hard to jot down thoughts and focus on the road at the same time, but being in the car for an extended period (after I get tired of singing) gives me time to think and brainstorm.

2.    The YMCA.  Every morning I go there to work out and I can just daydream as I run (ok, more like jog) on the treadmill, but that's where I come up with ideas...lots of ideas.

3.    Riding my bicycle along one of the bike paths.  Unfortunately, this one is a seasonal kind of thing, but it just clears my head.

4.    While walking the dog.  Are you beginning to see a theme here.  Being outdoors or exercising seems to stimulate the 'ole brain.

5.    Without a doubt my all-time favorite would have to be "the shower."  I have no idea why, but I come up with awesome leads and terrific article ideas while in the shower...heck, I've even been known to just jump in the shower when I'm having a writer's block.  There's just something about that water flowing that gets my creativity brain working.  And it can't be just any water flowing.  Washing dishes in the sink won't work and listening to the washer fill with water while doing laundry doesn't help at all...which is really unfortunate! Nope, it has to be a full-blown shower.  Hey, no laughing!

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  1. Now if only I could figure out how to use a notebook and pen effectively in the shower!