Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a vacation prep rant....

Why is preparing for vacation so difficult?  Sometimes I wonder if all the pre-vacation stress is really worth it. 

I mean I’ve spent the last four days just preparing to leave.  Aside from getting caught up to a point at my job so that I could leave, which was a feat in itself, and then I was faced with all the household pre-trip ritual…things like:

Laundry – Does it ever end?  And how many loads do I need to do before we have “everything” we need for the trip, clean?

Dog Sitting – Granted, not just anyone can take care of our little princess, but unfortunately it requires driving four-and-a-half hours one way to drop our baby off at my sister’s house.  I then got to turn around the next morning and drive the 4.5 hours home.

Snacks for the plane – It is a three hour flight after all and we “will” get hungry.  Gotta make a run to the grocery for some granola bars, candy and gum.

Clean out the fridge – Who wants to return home to the stench of two week old lasagna leftovers or the lettuce that turned to mush in the crisper?

Then there’s the packing….but oh wait, the weather forecast has now changed.  How does this continually happen to us?  The last three trips we’ve taken, we’ve planned to arrive at a location known for mega-sun and balmy weather, but as the trip approaches, the weather forecast changes and we find ourselves buying sweatshirts because we packed shorts and it's freezing.  Well, the same thing has happened again.  The four days we are going to be gone, it’s going to be unseasonably cool.  Grrrrrrrrrrr….what shall I pack now? Oh wait, is the washer free?

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