Friday, May 27, 2011

The Power of Technology Take Two - this time in the field of teaching

I write part time for our local newspaper, and I cover education primarily.  It’s a great gig because I get to tell stories about all the wonderful things that our teachers and students are doing in our schools.

Occasionally, a real gem of a story comes through my email.  This past week it was “gem-central” as I was fortunate to receive two of those little gems.  Here's one of them!  Due to legal issues, you'll need to read the rest of it on the newspaper's website.

Liberty Middle School’s Orchestra Director Carli Bates’ eyes filled with tears as one of her sixth grade students told how grateful she was that her dad, recently deployed to Afghanistan, would be able to keep in touch by listening and watching her orchestra performances through Bates’ podcast that had been recently posted online.  It was at that moment that Bates realized the power of technology and how the technology classes she had taken in March had impacted more than just her teaching.

Bates said prior to March she knew that “the one thing lacking the most” in her teaching was her knowledge of technology.  “I’m really passionate about teaching music, and I love my kids, but I was not connecting to them through technology,” Bates said.  “So I went to this conference, and I went to everything technology related and through that I learned all of these new things.”

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