Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What would I change if starting my blog over? Not much.

I'm now a little over a year into joining the blogging world.  I jumped in, head first, about a week before WordCount's 2011 Blogathon.  There's no doubt that I've learned a lot over that time period, but there's not much I'd change if I were starting all over again.

When I found the Blogathon last year, I literally had a couple of days to register and come up with a blog.  I had no idea where to begin so I turned to Blogger, knowing it was free.  Setting it up was very simple.  Choosing a single topic to blog about was, and still is, my major challenge.

I suppose in a perfect world, if I were starting a blog all over again, it would be nice to have defined my blogging topic before I began blogging.  It might have allowed me to generate a more creative blog name that also described my blog better.  But a year later I still haven't figured out a single blog subject to focus on so had I waited for that "aha" moment, well, I would still be waiting and would never have started blogging yet.  So there's something to say about just jumping in.

The only other possible change I MAY make if I were starting over is to consider making my blog in WordPress.  Not that I'm unhappy at all with Blogger (although it did crash last May 12 &13 which caused us Blogger users to really scramble during last year's Blogathon), but it seems as though the experienced bloggers, for the most part, use WordPress.  And they offer lots of great advice about WordPress that I can't utilize because my blog is in the Blogger platform.

That's all the thoughts I have a year-ish into my blogging experience.

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