Thursday, May 10, 2012

A bittersweet day

Today was a bittersweet day.  We moved our daughter, Kelsey, out of her house at college and back home for what will likely be the last time. 

She will graduate in December and at that time, she hopefully will have a full time job.  If that all plays out as planned, the next time we move her from school, we'll be moving her into an apartment and not home. So, kind of a bittersweet day.

And while I'm certainly glad she'll be spending this last summer with us, moving her things back home always wears me out.  It's amazing how much stuff one small person can have.  Although we do contribute a sofa, loveseat, kitchen table and six chairs as well as two coffee tables to the house so I guess there are some significant pieces of furniture we do move. 

We even inherited another couch and two more coffee tables from Kelsey's boyfriend's grandma so let's just say that 14 foot Uhaul was bursting at the seams.  If I can move tomorrow, it will be a miracle!

I never really realized how very fortunate I was to have movers come pack our house and load the semi for both of our moves.  THAT is the only way to move!

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