Saturday, May 5, 2012

What color would you choose?

UGH!  I'm just at a total loss without Joan's input (see yesterday's post to learn why Joan isn't around to help). So, I'm turning to my blog audience to hopefully help me decide on what color or colors I should paint my master bathroom.

Here's my dilemma.  I'm remodeling my master bathroom with the intention to sell our house in the next year or two.  The goal of the remodel is completely for re-sell.  It's not about what I like, but ALL about updating the bathroom and appealing to buyers when we list the house.

What you may need to know to make a suggestion:
  • The floor is the exact same tile as the wall.  It's just laid in a different pattern.
  • I'll be using brushed nickel finishes on all faucets
  • The vanity cabinet will be a deep chocolate brown
  • The cabinet top is a cultured marble natural white/beige color - very neutral
  • There's a ribbon of glass mosaic tile that runs through the shower as well as along the top of the garden tub

Ok, so here's the wall tile with the glass mosaic in the shower to give you an idea of the mosaic application.

But this is the mosaic tile up close with more direct light..

 The glass mosaic tiles really have a lot of different colors in them...especially when direct light hits them.  I see blues, greens, browns and taupes.

So, the dilemma is this.  My attached bedroom is painted a very neutral tan that shouldn't be a problem, but my fairly new comforter/bed skirt are in the sage green family so I was hoping to lean more towards greens as the accent color for one wall.  And then also use that same green family in accessories for a pop of color.

Now I realize there's a ton of blue in these mosaics, but I was hoping to stay away from blues because two other rooms upstairs are shades of blue and I really don't want every room upstairs in blue (and yes, I know that decorators would tell me that having blue in all the rooms is the preferred rule of decorating...but I like to buck the system occasionally ;)

I have been back and forth to Home Depot so many times gathering paint samples that they literally know me now when I walk in the door.  But there's just so many choices in all the color families, I'm at a complete loss.  I really need Joan's input, but since she isn't around, here's where you can come in and offer your two cents.  

Here's some green color options:

 And here's some brown options:

 Here's what Behr paint calls the current "trendy" colors

Notice how just that small change in the light source in the above "trendy" photo changes the look of the exact same tile section.  It's very unusual mosaic glass.

So the questions, I suppose, are this.  Can I get away with using a green color on one wall?  I'd put something neutral on the other walls.  And do you prefer the greens?  The browns?  The trendy colors?  If I can narrow it down to a few colors, I will post another blog with specific colors in a poll to pick a final color or colors!

Thanks for any input you have!  I'm just so color-challenged when it comes to paint!


  1. I would stay as neutral as possible. I find it boring but for resale value, stay light and neutral.

    Light keeps the room open and airy and neutral is easy to paint over for the future owners.

  2. Personally, I would choose something like the lightest green shade in the second paint chip in the first photo above. It is a fresh, neutral colour that would look nice and appeal to a wide range of buyers. As chance has it, I wrote about the meaning behind different colours on my blog today - green is the colour of renewal.

  3. I am so not good with this stuff, which is why all my walls are white! But I really like all the varieties of green in your photos.