Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What is the rule when posting videos on a blog?

Last Saturday evening we went to a Cardinal's Game.  It was a beautiful night for a game. The weather was simply perfect and we had awesome seats about 25 rows behind home plate.

We settled in for the game against the Atlanta Braves.  While the Cardinals were certainly having a bad night, that would be the least of the night's problems.  A 20-something Braves fan, a man (a term that I'll use quite loosely), who sat three rows directly behind us, spent the entire game heckling the Cardinal's fans. 

At first it seemed like he would just be a very vocal fan who commented on every pitch, every swing of the bat, every minute of the game.  But after just the first inning, it was clear that he was trying to antagonize the Cardinals fans that amassed around him to get them to engage in a battle of words. 

After the second inning, a young 20-something Cardinals fan apparently couldn't take it anymore and a verbal battle ensued between the two.  At one point "F-Bombs" were dropped and a father-figure behind us immediately stepped in and told the kids to "cool it."

Well, they didn't. And after a couple more "F-Bombs" were said, the father figure in his best stern voice said, "I'm not telling you again.  Cool it!"

Things were peaceful for about an inning when the Braves fan began the heckling again.  He went on and on trying to get another Cardinal's fans to engage into battle.

The three of us on a more enjoyable day at the ballpark!
At one point, the Brave's fan leaned forward to a couple sitting in front of him and tried to get the woman, who was easily in her 40s, to engage in a battle.  She, quite wisely, told the young man that she wasn't one to get into a battle of words, that that obviously was "his gig."

When he tried to again engage her in a battle by saying, "I'm just a fan" and "Gee, it's only baseball," she simply said, "No, you're just trying to heckle the Cardinal's fans."

He sadly kept up with his heckling throughout the entire game.  Towards about the seventh inning, I considered videotaping him with my cell phone and posting it on my blog.  I knew at some point I'd write about this because it was really annoying and ruined our whole evening.

I didn't end up videotaping him because I was honestly a bit afraid of how he might react.  Plus, he wasn't worth it   But it brings up a valid blogging question, and I wonder now.  Had I taken video, it is completely legal to post it online on my blog, right?  I know it's illegal to videotape someone in bathrooms or private situations and post it online, but wouldn't a public display like this be perfectly legal?  Just thought I'd get your input for next time! :)

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  1. Profane language is just a drag to be around especially if you have little kids at the game. I think you were wise that you didn't tape him. Or you might be blogging from somewhere else. It's too bad that no one on staff asked him to leave. :(