Thursday, June 6, 2013

To post or not post - THAT is the question!

Here it is nearly 2:30 in the afternoon and I'm on my fourth blog post of the day.  Sounds like I'm really ahead of the game, doesn't it.  Sigh, if only that were the case. The truth is that I've written four blog posts that I don't think I want to post.  Indecision has struck yet again!

While some writers may struggle with writer's block, I have a problem that's much worse - indecision as to what to post.  I know, I know.  You're probably thinking, "What?  Seriously, just post something."  Believe me.  I've had that same conversation with myself, but the reality is that I'm indecisive about posting something that I may have "writer's posting remorse" about later.

Obviously the recent posts that I've written have a possible controversial tone to them which makes me question whether or not I should post them.  Part of me thinks, "Well hello, that's what blogging is all about."  But that little angel sitting on my other shoulder is saying, "Is this seriously a topic you want to post on a public forum?  One that the world can see." 

Part of my concern comes from something I learned about electronic media from a very interesting presentation I attended at a middle school here locally in April.  The school district was having guest speakers for its Celebrate Sober week of activities, and the U.S. District Attorney for our area spoke to the students telling them that he runs the area's cyber crime task force.  

He warned the students to be mindful of what they post online stating, "Once you put it on the internet, it truly is there forever.  You may delete it, delete it, delete it, but it is out there, and we can find it, and we do find it."

He emphasized to the students that what they say on the internet - on Twitter, Facebook, whatever - is basically the equivalent of posting it to the world and that he didn't know any employer who didn't do an internet check before hiring an employee to see what they have posted online.

Now, yes, of course, I knew that posting anything online is out there for the world to see for the most part, but I guess it really hit home hearing it put in those terms from a U.S. District Attorney.  Not that I intend to post anything that I think would EVER be criminal, but his comments about employers did make me stop and think.  

Am I posting anything that a future employer may consider too controversial?  Or does one of my posts stereotype me?  Am I setting myself up to be eliminated from future potential job opportunities because I state an opinion on my blog that may not be the same beliefs of a potential future employer?

So, that's what's been mulling around my brain today which has caused me to be completely stuck in indecision.  Perhaps my larger problem is that my blog focuses on "my views" other than a particular topic - like travel or entertainment - which I feel wouldn't create this dilemna, but until I figure out some specific passion to blog about, I'm pretty much stuck with this one so I need to figure this out.

Has anyone else had reservations in posting on their blogs?  Surely I'm not alone?


  1. Blog posts can address controversial subjects without getting personal. During the Blogathon, I go out of my way to encourage bloggers to step away from themselves and find topics with a universal appeal, whether that's writing about the fireworks at a neighborhood association meeting, the Michael Kors 2014 resort collection (leather in a resort collection, really?), or the uproar that Cheerios commercial with the biracial family caused. You could "curate" what other bloggers are saying about any of those or other hot-button issues and you'll have a blog post on an interesting subject -- it just wouldn't include your opinion.

    Michelle Rafter

  2. Michelle - I was really struggling yesterday for some odd reason. Just getting out of the house, away from this computer, helped a lot. And thinking about your advice, I think I can salvage at least one of yesterday's rambling posts I wrote because it would have universal appeal. Thanks for the re-direction!