Thursday, June 27, 2013

9/11 Memorial Video

Now that I'm home from vacation and have access to my You Tube account password, I wanted to share this video I took at the 9/11 Memorial. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video is worth a few billion!

This video was taken while standing at the south pool looking toward the new tower being erected.  The names you see engraved in the stone that surrounds the pool railing are just a few of the nearly 3,000 names listed in total on the pools' outer railings. 

When the camera pans up...that's the new tower you're looking at. 

The other pool, identical except for the addition of other names in the stone, is located just to the left of the new tower.

It's really a powerful place to visit.  If you're ever in New York City, I encourage you to stop by, but make sure you purchase your ticket online rather than the day of on site.  There's a $2 service charge per ticket to purchase, the otherwise free tickets, online.  Your other option is to stand in line to get a "free" ticket, but plan on standing in line for possibly hours and then coming back at a designated time to enter.  Save yourself the grief and purchase a ticket online.

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