Sunday, June 9, 2013

A drive through Southern Illinois!

I've made no bones about telling people for years that our grand plan for retirement is to head south.  South as in likely Florida where the sun shines most all the time and there's a plethora of golf courses to accommodate my husband's golfing obsession.

But as I traveled across rural Southern Illinois into Indiana yesterday for a visit to the city I grew up in, I realized there's parts of the Midwestern landscape that I will miss seeing when we move someday.

I thought for today, I'd just take you along for a pictorial ride through Southern Illinois.

Starting off point...Edwardsville, Illinois and one of its water towers.  In fact, water towers with city names' on them are pretty common in the Midwest.

Once you get on Interstate 64 heading east, the scenery is mainly farms and flat land.

                                                          LOTS of farms and flat land!

But it's always sad to see when the land floods.  And this year we've had more than our share of rain!

 It really is a peaceful drive though when you get off the interstate and take the state routes.

 Of course, it always helps to have a travel buddy! 

                                                         Although she'd rather make short trips around town where she can put her head out the window ;)

At last we make it home as the sun is setting!

Yes, Southern Illinois is pretty, but as my fortune cookie at lunch reminded me.....Florida is right around the corner!

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