Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Holy Cow! Don't underestimate that your blog CAN reach a huge audience!

You've had 6,700 views in 2012!!!  "Holy Cow" was all I could think when I read this in my WordPress 2012 Annual Report of TheRedFlufferNutter, another blog I started in 2011. How is that even possible? I only posted two new posts in 2012 and it has only 13 posts in total.

I began TheRedFlufferNutter after my first year, 2011, in WordCount's Blogathon.  I started it for two primary reasons: 
  1. I was psyched to have just bought a car that I truly wanted rather than bought a car that fit our family's needs as I had done in the past.
  2. I wanted to learn about Word Press
So I jumped into Word Press and began TheRedFlufferNutter posting about the performance and features of my 2012 Ford Focus. It was a new model in the U.S. at that time so I was learning about it and sharing my experiences.

I posted VERY sporadically - more during the first year of ownership.  This past year (2012) I only posted twice with new issues I was experiencing. TWICE!

I run my blogs through an email address that I don't check frequently because quite honestly I have four email accounts (one being for my REAL job) that I manage daily which requires an enormous amount of time. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked into my blog's email account in January and saw the following in my Word Press report:

Holy cow!! I couldn't even believe the amount of views - 6,700!!! To put that into perspective, I have only 4,775 total views on this blog which is my primary blog for blogathon that has been in existence a month longer than TheRedFluffterNutter.  

What I've surmised from this information is a few  things:
  1. Brand names have a huge following-I think the Ford name is a big part of the draw
  2. People are definitely out doing research online - there's no other reason for them to find this blog
  3. iPod is apparently a hot key word
I had no idea I could reach this large of an audience from blogging about my car of all things. Just proof that the internet is a powerful communication tool! And something as simple as a blog about a car has enormous potential to reach people.

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  1. Wow. Great job, Julia. I love that you have all your badges on your site, too.

    So good to see you again.