Friday, June 14, 2013

Fabulous Friday Finds!

I thought that by searching through, finding and highlighting five blogs I found interesting that were written by the 2013 bloathoners each week would make for an easy Friday post.  But boy was I dead wrong.  What I've found is that I can lose an hour or two of time just reading all the interesting blogs. 

But I managed to get my nose out of my computer screen and found the time to highlight five of my faves from this week.

Up first is Lois Middleton's Playing a New Game.  It's a delightful blog about...well life. The post that caught my eye was about food that we'd be surprised to learn is Vegan.  And boy was I surprised!  I have new reasons to buy my next bag of Double Stuffed Oreos! Check out Lois' blog.  She also has a heart-warming post written by her dog! 

Avid readers won't want to miss Andria Tieman's Thursday post on her blog, Find Me Frugal(er) that offers short reviews of 10 books she recommends for summer reading.  Her blog isn't normally about books though.  She blogs, as her blog name states, about living for less, enjoying what you have and she offers some thoughts on not taking life so seriously. 

If you take a lot of digital photos and you're concerned about how to preserve them, you won't want to miss Phillip Griffith's blog posting "Preserving Your Digital photos for the Future."  Every day this past week, he's piqued my curiosity with "10 Tips for Summer Vacation Photos," "Saving Kid's Artwork," and "Telling Your Story."  Anyone who enjoys taking photos will enjoy his blog.

Another blog post that caught my eye this week was Michelle Nahom's blog post about decorating your house with photos - on removable wallpaper.  I have to admit that after spending HOURS removing "real" wallpaper from countless walls over the years, the term "removable" in front of "wallpaper" makes me still cringe and begs to this an oxymoron?  And not that I will likely do this, but it's an interesting idea. Check out Michelle's "A Dish of Daily Life"

And this week's humor award has to go to Tara Phillips "Two Hands and A Road Map."  Whether she's blogging about losing the battle to carbs, the beloved squirrel in her back yard or when she hands her keyboard over to her husband, I always chuckle several times reading her posts, and I think you will too!

That's it for this week!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for your mention of my post at A Dish of Daily Life!! No, the removable wallpaper is not an oxymoron. It really is removable! This is a great alternative to framing a wall of photos, and for a variety of rooms. I absolutely love it, and plan to put it in more rooms in my home! Its a beautiful and affordable way to decorate your home with special memories!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm on vacation, so super slow to find lovely posts like this one, but I love that I made you laugh.