Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Fabulous Friday Finds

I thought that on Friday's during WordCount's 2013 Blogathon (except when I'm on vacation), I'd pass around the love and highlight five blogs from blogathon participants that I found interesting during the week.

First is Susan Wilson's blog, Ripple Spillers. Susan wrote a humorous blog this week during the theme day's "What's your favorite apps," but she spun it a little differently and wrote about five apps she wish someone would invent.  I got a kick out of it, and I think you will too!

I originally clicked on Jane Rollin's link to her blog "Get the Health Care You Deserve" because she posted about migraine headaches which I get occasionally.  I missed the June 5 webinar she was highlighting in her blog, but I also read her June 5 post about food-drug interactions - a subject that I think is important whether you or your loved ones take medication.  Thanks for the info Jane!

I always love a contest so when I read Van Waffle's post on Facebook that he was having a contest, I had to check it out.  Waffle's blog "Speed River Journal" features a contest he's having until June 19.  All you need to do to enter is respond to a question.  Intriguing huh?

I had heard of Virtual Assistants (VA), but I must admit that I knew nothing about them until Jan Udlock became one and began blogging about the industry.  During the Blogathon, Jan plans to cover various topics about VAs, but she also blogs about social media.  Be sure to check out Jan's blog to learn more.

If you're an avid reader and enjoy the Young Adult genre, you must check out Katy Manck's Books Ya Love.  She reviews and recommends great books that are off the beaten path rather than on the bestseller list.

And...just a reminder that it's National Doughnut Day which means that many bakeries are giving away a free doughnut today.  Dunkin' Doughnuts is offering a free doughnut with any drink purchase.  I already got mine!!!  Now THAT's a fabulous way to start a Friday!


  1. Hey Julia,

    Thanks so much for the shout out.

    And this is a great idea for a blog post, and it helps promote others, too.

    Thank you!

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the love.