Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to my blog!
Yes, I've decided to give "blogging" a shot.  Why, you may wonder?  Well, it's really a natural fit when you consider that I'm sitting at the computer pretty much 24/7, and I do get paid to write part-time.  Plus, my background is communications, and I've already jumped in to other social marketing and networking activities like Facebook, Twitter, and I'm no mathematician, the way I see it is that this all equals to "give blogging a shot."

I've actually been thinking about trying this for a while, but they say "you should blog about something you are passionate about."  Hmmm... when I think about that what I'm passionate about, I have that look on my face like I did when I got caught daydreaming in grade school.  You know...that deer in headlights look.  That's me thinking about my passion.

I have to admit that I'm devilishy jealous of anyone who has always had a passion or knows what their passion is.  The people who say, "Oh, I've wanted to be a (fill in any profession here) since I was a kid," well, gee, yippy skippy, I'm happy for you.  But me, I can't think of a thing I'm truly passionate about.  I mean, I like a lot of things.  Probably too many things.  For example, I like to sing, but I'm no Celine Dion; and I like to dabble with my computer, but I'm no Mark Zuckerberg.  I like to play tennis and pickle ball, but not enough to talk about them in a blog.  And...there's lots of things in my daily life that I enjoy such as working out, writing, taking care of our dog, trying new recipes, and baking, but am I "passionate" about any of them?  Uhhhh, NO! 

So, after much thinking, I thought....well, I am semi-passionate about certain topics that come up so why not just start with that?  My perspective on...well....things!  Riveting, huh?  But that's the story behind this blog and that's where we'll leave it for now.

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